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Thank you for your interest in submitting a production for awards consideration and/or Producers Mark usage!

1. At the end of this message, you will find a link to the first of three forms called the Notice of Producing Credits. The PGA will administer your submission of the Notice of Producing Credits form only if this form is submitted by the appropriate parties, i.e., the copyright owner, primary financier, network, studio or other business entity authorized to designate the producing credits that appear onscreen. This form should be filled out as fully as possible, including the names and contact information for ALL producers with the relevant credits* and AT LEAST five (5) primary crew members - the more crew members you can include, the better. In addition to entering the primary crew members information, you will be asked to upload a complete crew member contact list and complete onscreen credit list for the production. After you complete the form, it will be submitted electronically to the PGA.

Please note - An administration fee of $100 applies to all Television Series/Specials and Digital Series submissions. Once the Notice of Producing Credits form has been sent, there will be instructions regarding payment of the fee.

2. After a notice of Producing Credit form has been submitted, along with the onscreen credits and crew list, it will be analyzed. After being reviewed the PGA Administrator will e-mail links to a new set of forms to the producers listed on the Notice of Producing Credits form. These form are called the Individual Producer Eligibility Forms. To be considered for awards and/or Mark certification, each producer MUST submit this form. If you are in contact with any of the producers, please encourage her/him to submit the Individual Producer Eligibility Form. Once submitted, these forms are kept confidential.

3. Simultaneously, the PGA Administrator will distribute the Primary Crew Member Verification Forms to the crew members listed on the Notice of Producing Credits form. The PGA requests that these forms be completed so as to gain the fullest possible picture of the production and the contributions of the producer(s). Like the Eligibility Forms, these forms are kept strictly confidential.

4. After the PGA has received all Individual Producer Eligibility Forms and a sufficient number of Primary Crew Member Verification Forms, the Guild will hold an eligibility determination in order to determine which producers are eligible for producing honors and/or usages of the Producers Mark . The process of an eligibility determination (including appeals) is covered in our rules.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the PGA Administrator at


*For motion pictures, eligible credits are Produced By and Producer; for television, eligible credits include Executive Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Supervising Producer, Produced By, Producer, Senior Producer, and Series Producer (The titles of “Senior Producer” and “Series Producer” apply to the non-fiction, competition and live entertainment/talk television categories only).

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