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Thank you for your interest in submitting a production for Producers Mark certification and/or awards consideration!

1. Notice of Producing Credits submission form: At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to submit a Notice of Producing Credits submission form. This form must be completed and submitted by the copyright owner or other business entity or person legally authorized to designate the producing credits that appear onscreen. Please note that only those individuals with the following producing credits are eligible for consideration:

Motion Pictures*Television
Produced ByExecutive Producer
ProducerCo-Executive Producer
Supervising Producer
Produced By
Senior Producer**
Series Producer**

* For feature-length motion pictures only, please submit the names and contact information for ALL individuals credited as "Producer" or "Produced By," regardless of whether or not such individuals are PGA members.
** "Senior Producer" and "Series Producer" are eligible titles within only the non-fiction, competition and live entertainment/talk television categories.

2. Rules and procedures for Producers Mark certification and/or awards eligibility: Before submitting your feature-length motion picture or television program, please review the applicable rules and procedures by navigating to the “Rules” tab at the top of this page.

3. Awards Submission Deadlines: Please review the applicable awards submission deadlines by navigating to the "Timeline" tab at the top of this page.

4. Awards Submission Processing Fees: The processing fee to submit a feature-length motion picture or a television program for awards consideration is as follows:
  • Theatrical Motion Picture - $500
  • Animated Motion Picture - $500
  • Documentary Motion Picture - $150 (if submitted by September 1, 2017; a late charge of $100 will be separately assessed for submissions received between September 2, 2017 and September 15, 2017)
  • All Television Programs - $200
There is no fee to submit a feature-length film for Producers Mark certification.

5. Producer vetting process for Producers Mark certification and/or awards eligibility: Following submission of the Notice of Producing Credits form, the PGA Administrator may contact the submitter, credited producers and/or crew members to obtain information necessary for the PGA to make its determination regarding which producers shall be deemed eligible to use the Producers Mark and/or to receive producing honors. The information obtained will be kept strictly confidential for Producers Mark/awards eligibility purposes only. If there is a material dispute in the information received, the PGA has the option to convene an eligibility determination panel to review the documentation and issue a recommendation regarding producer eligibility. The producer vetting process is detailed more fully in the applicable PGA rules and procedures.

  • New Producing Partnership Application Process: The PGA has changed its process for determining which established and active producing partners are eligible for consideration as a "Producing Partnership" for purposes of Producers Mark certification and/or awards eligibility. To petition for consideration as a Producing Partnership, each credited producer must complete a Producing Partnership Petition form and must email the petition and any supporting materials to as soon as possible for consideration by the Producing Partnership Panel (the "PPP"), but in no event later than the time he or she submits his or her Individual Producer Eligibility Form in connection with a motion picture under consideration by the PGA. If two credited producers previously have been recognized as a bona fide producing team by the PGA, each credited producer must nevertheless submit a petition form to the PPP. Previously recognized producing teams will NOT be excused from this requirement. Please navigate to the "Producing Partnerships" tab at the top of this page for the petition form and further information.

  • If you are submitting your motion picture for Producers Mark certification, please submit your Notice of Producing Credits form at least FOUR (4) TO SIX (6) WEEKS prior to the date your credits will lock or be shot to ensure that the PGA has time to render a determination. If your credits are locking imminently, please contact

  • To utilize the Producers Mark in a particular motion picture’s credits and advertisements, you must apply for usage by completing a Notice of Producing Credits form. The PGA is the owner and sole licensor of the Producers Mark ("p.g.a.""). Any unauthorized use of the Producers Mark is not permitted and may result in legal action. If you have submitted your motion picture to another organization of producers for mark(s) attached to a producing credit, your motion picture will NOT be eligible for the PGA's Producer Mark certification process.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the PGA Administrator at

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