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If you would like to be considered as a “Producing Partnership” please read below and submit your application for consideration immediately, whether or not a motion picture that you are producing is currently under consideration for Producers Mark certification and/or awards eligibility and whether or not you previously have been recognized as a producing team. Consideration as a “Producing Partnership” for purposes of eligibility to use the Producers Mark or to receive awards is available only for motion pictures and not for television programs.

The PGA’s Producing Partnership Panel (“PPP”) is comprised of seasoned, working producers who shall have the sole authority to determine which established and active producing partners are eligible for consideration as a “Producing Partnership.” If the PPP determines that two producers have formed a valid Producing Partnership, the two producers shall be considered as a single producer and their contributions will be evaluated collectively for Producers Mark and/or awards eligibility purposes.

To petition for consideration as a Producing Partnership, each producer must complete the Producing Partnership Petition form below, and must email the form and any supporting materials to as soon as possible for consideration by the PPP, but in no event later than the time he or she submits his or her Individual Producer Eligibility Form in connection with a motion picture under consideration by the PGA. If two producers previously have been recognized as a bona fide producing team by the PGA, each producer must nevertheless submit a petition form to the PPP. Previously recognized producing teams will NOT be excused from this requirement.

Producing Partnership Petition

Once a Producing Partnership has been approved by the PPP, the partnership will be recognized by the PGA on every film submitted for Producers Mark certification and/or awards eligibility where both producers are credited as “Producer” or “Produced By,” provided that each member of the Producing Partnership reaffirms on her or his Individual Eligibility Form that she or he remains a member of the Producing Partnership. There is no need to re-petition the PPP on a film-by-film basis. Either member of the Producing Partnership also may continue to produce films on her/his own individually; however, neither member of the Producing Partnership may claim to have a partnership with any other producer unless and until the PPP-recognized Producing Partnership has come to an end.

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