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Nominations for the 2019 Producers Guild Awards will be announced by January 4, 2019. The Producers Guild Awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA.
Welcome to the Producers Mark Certification and Producers Guild Awards Submission Website

The Producers Guild of America's eligibility determination process serves to identify which producers are eligible to use the Producers Mark ("p.g.a.") next to their names in the onscreen credits and advertisements for a particular motion picture, as well as which individuals are eligible for producing honors in film and television as conferred by the PGA. The PGA’s eligibility determination process is relied upon by, among others, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, the Television Academy, and the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. The eligibility determination process is conducted according to the rules outlined here.

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