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Please fill in the required information below and attach the complete crew member contact information list and the onscreen credits for the production.
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Production Information


Please list the name(s) of ALL individuals credited as "Producer" or "Produced By,"regardless of whether or not such individuals are PGA members, in the order they are contractually credited (1st position producer should be listed first, 2nd position producer should be listed second, etc.).

Principal Crew Members

Please list the names of principal crew members who were involved in the production.

Complete Crew Member Contact Information List and Onscreen Credits

Please attach a PDF or Word Doc of the complete crew member contact information list and onscreen credits.


By checking the box and filling out the fields below I certify the following:
  • I am the person whose name appears below and I have personally completed the information on this form.
  • I am authorized to submit this Notice of Producing Credits form, i.e., the copyright owner, primary financier, production company, network, studio, or other person or business entity authorized to designate the producing credits that appear onscreen.
  • The producer credits listed on this form are in legal billing order.
  • The information provided on this form is true and accurate. I acknowledge that the PGA will utilize the information that I provide, along with the information provided on the Individual Producer Eligibility forms and third-party verification forms, in accordance with the PGA Rules and Procedures for the purpose of determining Producers Mark and/or awards eligibility.
  • The film submitted is a feature-length motion picture intended for exploitation within the United States.

I certify the above information to be true. *

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